Monthly Archives: January 2014

Lookbook is Live!

After hours and hours and hours of sewing, pinning, draping, seam ripping, re-sewing, tweaking and perfecting, I have finally finished the first six looks of my collection (the last five in a record three weeks’ time)!! Fast forward through hours and hours of photoshoping, [cursing Photoshop], editing, cropping, writing, proofing and my baby is complete. […]

Tweet, Tweet, Tweedle Dee Deet

(I cannot think of Twitter or tweeting without humming Rockin’ Robin [hence the title of this post]) So…I joined Twitter. In the past, I can be quoted saying a) I don’t get it and b) I think it is pointless. Turns out I was wrong (ask my husband, that does not happen often). I LOVE […]